Carmen Borrego, on her mother’s disappointment on TV: “It was her fault for not knowing how to retire”

This has been the premiere of Carmen Borrego in We’ll see, from the hand of Unicorn Content, Ana Rosa Quintana’s production company, as we have published in this digital. Carmen has emptied herself talking about her mother, her family, Bigote Arrocet, about whom she says the most, and Gustavo the driver.

“A reference point has gone away,” Carmen Borrego began. “The shame is that she was not able to live it, but what we have experienced and the gratitude is eternal,” Borrego commented on all the signs of affection that the Campos clan has received after the death of the matriarch, María Teresa. “We wanted to do something with respect. Next time we will ask Lequio, but whatever we do he is not going to like it,” Carmen launched the first dart against the Italian. “I don’t mess with your family, I made a liturgical comment. I didn’t mess with you, but not with the priest,” Alessandro defended himself. “Friends told me that the priest accepted non-sacred elements at your mother’s funeral that were not allowed at the funeral.”

“Everyone has left me aside”

He has spoken of María Teresa’s disappointment when she complained: “Everyone has left me aside.” And she stated: “When you have a mother as big as mine, this hurts.” In line with this argument, Carmen has commented: “I think that no one gave him her side, but it was her fault for not knowing how to withdraw from her, you have to make the decision to leave her.”

In her speech, she did not stop saying words of tribute: “I hope to remember my mother as how great she has been, how happy she has been and how supportive she has been. The true María Teresa.”

The Mustache Exclusive

The name of Edmundo Arrocet has come up in the conversation. About a month after the death of the journalist, the Chilean prepares an exclusive for a magazine. “Will it be a new attack on the Campos?” they ask from the set.

Borrego, by mentioning Bigote, has burned all boats: “It is the worst thing that happened to my mother in her life and I maintain it. Why? Because it hurt her a lot, she was weak and she did not feel supported by him” . Regarding Arrocet’s exclusive, she said that “now is not the time. I could respect her now that she is no longer here.” And he continued: “Edmundo has not been in our life for three years. He had a relationship with us like any mother’s boyfriend has.” She now “cannot defend herself,” in reference to the words spoken by the Chilean comedian.

Mustache and his debt with the Treasury

“When you see your mother in love…” Carmen justified herself. With her “I have never talked about infidelities.” Gustavo, the driver, has also come to the fore. “Rest assured, I’m not going to say anything bad about your mother.” These were Gustavo’s words to las Campos before entering GH VIP. “We asked him not to talk about this person (Mustache). He plays with our silence.” They have asked him if he is aware that the Chilean has a debt with the Treasury. “Yes, I know,” Carmen concluded.