Carmen Borrego met her grandson only after agreeing not to sell an exclusive on the subject

“I’ve been through the worst three days of my life, but it’s been worth it. I’m happy and I want them to be happy. They have a beautiful baby.” thus announced carmen borrego that he already knew Marc, his grandson.

And in order not to lose the tradition, he did it on a television set, charging. Of course, she was hiding behind the fact that in order for it to appear on a magazine cover, she told it. She may not be aware that these are the things that have made her son Jose Maria distances himself from her and the reason that she has not lived a minute of her daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, Paola Olmedo: They can’t stand Carmen dedicating herself to telling everything, including what is not hers.

But the important thing is that you already know your grandson. And how was that meeting? How much has it been? Where did that meeting take place? Will there be pictures of it soon? Informalia It has all the details of it.

Carmen is in the clouds. He has finally met his grandson. He thought it would take him a long time to meet him. In fact, as he admits, he has had “the three worst days of his life.” Carmen has been waiting for the call from her son to tell her to meet him. She knew that her grandfather, that is, her ex-husband and José María’s father, Francisco Almoguera, already knew him. And finally the day came for her too.

According to what they tell us from the close environment of Carmen Borrego, the meeting took place this Friday morning at her son’s house. Carmen received the call from her son on Thursday and offered her the chance to meet Marc, her grandson. Carmen, who could not contain her tears, according to what we are told, said of course. So on Friday morning, she and her current husband, José Carlos Bernal, got in the car and went to the home of José María and Paola. There the meeting took place.

They went directly into the garage of the building where their son lives to avoid being photographed in the street. They did not want it to be known that they had come to meet their grandson. He preferred to tell her in the Deluxe, how it happened.

Once inside they went up to the apartment and finally he was able to meet little Marc. He asked if he could take him. She picked him up and held him in her arms. And then he left the way he came. In the same way. That is why it is striking that she says that she preferred to tell it so that it would not be on the cover of a magazine. That would never happen because there are no images of the meeting, since it took place in the house. Another thing is that they had gone out into the street and she was seen together with José María and Paola with her baby. But her in the car, which is the most that she could see, is not to use it as an excuse to tell it. In fact, they assure us that Carmen Borrego met her grandson only after agreeing not to sell an exclusive on the subject.