Carmen Borrego, in the midst of a crisis over her daughter-in-law’s audios: “She’s pregnant, I’m going to be a grandmother”

The little girl from Las Campos has been in the eye of the hurricane for several days for one audio in which her daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedocriticizes without mincing words Terelu, Alejandra and company. He calls them haughty, silly, stretched… A lack of respect and a meteoric blunder that Carmen Borrego she has ‘forgiven’ for a good reason: she is going to be a grandmother.

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The news is given by herself this Wednesday in her friend magazine, where she speaks, of course, of the famous audios of her daughter-in-law: “My son has won heaven”, assures the talk show host. José María Almoguera, who said “yes, I want” to Paola last May, is going to be a father with the beautician in the coming months.

This would be the reason why both Carmen and her sister and niece, the main affected by Paola’s audios, have decided to play down the matter. At least in front of the gallery, because in private they assure us that “they are that trill”. And it is that there are more audios and more offensive than those that have come to light. As Informalia has learned, the part that has been censored at the request of Carmen and Terelu talks about María Teresa Campos. And “it hasn’t turned out well either,” they assure us. Paola Olmedo says the greatest savagery against the matriarch of the clan and grandmother of her husband and her daughters have begged almost on their knees that part of the recording not be broadcast. Not only because it is not in good taste to hear her mother talk like that, but because they want to prevent María Teresa herself from hearing it. That would sink her and her health, each day more diminished, could suffer.