Carmen Borrego explodes after Bigote Arrocet's latest statements: “If you are looking for a face to face, you are ready”

Arrocet Mustache has spoken again about Maria Teresa Campos and his daughters, who, he claims, have behaved “very badly” with him. He did it at an event in Madrid, where this Wednesday he recalled in a meeting with the press his past relationship with the presenter. A week ago he said that he was open to reconciliation with the journalist's family, and, for now, he stands by these words. Yes indeed, Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos They don't have the same interest.

“They have behaved very badly with me. They have spoken badly about me. They have said that the worst thing that has happened to Teresa has been me in her life. And, of course, the one who lived with Teresa is me.”Edmundo explained, on the verge of tears. “The one who has always been with her has always been me. Don't let them come and tell stories to me,” he added, ensuring that the sisters visited “Teresita” – that's what he calls her – “very little” when she was not there. good.

These statements have reached the set of Así es la vida, where Borrego has responded, with sarcasm: “I'm not going to answer him. It's not worth it to me. Let's see if he leaves my family in peace. We don't want to have anything to do with this man.” “. Visibly angry and not believing the comedian's emotion, she challenged him from the set: “If you're provoking me, if you're looking for a face-to-face, you're ready.”

The television collaborator assures that she has received “rumors” that the comedian intends to bother his ex's entourage. “My mother was very in love with him, she was very happy with him, and he had a very good time in that relationship until the relationship went sour. “Sir, leave me alone, I never talk about you.”he has sentenced.

For its part, Alejandra Rubio has assessed that “nothing that Edmund says” is coherent. “Also, when my grandmother was sick, he wasn't there. “He shed those tears on a television set and the worst thing is that I believed it.”has been sincere.