Carmen Borrego exacerbates the family schism with her son and daughter-in-law

The interview given by Carmen Borrego to a magazine, revealing that her daughter-in-law is pregnant, has fallen like a bomb into her son’s womb, Jose Mariaand his wife, Paola. None expected that the mother-in-law Potota would betray them in this way, given that the two systematically flee from the universe of the heart, although they sold their wedding and it was negotiated by Borrego herself.

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In addition, Paola believes that her mother-in-law’s attitude is revenge against her, for her negative and derogatory comments about her husband’s mother and cousin. They caught her going too far against her in-laws’ family and the Campos had it in for her.

It hasn’t taken long for Carmen to take justice into her own hands. And the headline on the cover of the magazine, that “my son has won heaven”, hinting that putting up with Paola is a miracle, has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back and creates an absolute family schism.

It is not surprising that Borrego fears that his daughter-in-law will not let him meet the baby that is on the way. But she does not regret having granted such a controversial exclusive.

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It is not understood that Carmen said that she does not want to expose her son to the media world again, and that now she is the one who insists on bringing him and Paola to the fore. The anger of the marriage with the mother-in-law is absolute.

Perhaps if he gave them part of what he is going to charge for the exclusive, he would calm the nerves and the outrages. But, as far as she knows about her, the youngest daughter of María Teresa Campos, she has not the slightest intention of distributing the money.