Carmen Borrego draws strength after the guillotine to ‘Save me’ to congratulate her mother, María Teresa Campos

Mother’s Day has left us exciting messages from celebrities such as Ana Obregón, Joana Sanz, Belén Esteban or Lolita Flores. carmen borregoat a bad professional moment due to the cancellation of Save mehas congratulated his mother, Maria Teresa Campos.

“I like this one better. Happy day to the best mother. I love you,” the collaborator wrote. Terelu CamposFor her part, she has not congratulated her mother at the time of writing these lines, although it is not necessary to express affection on social networks either. Instead, this Saturday he did make a reference to the end of her program.

The photo of Carmen, as we said, comes at this convulsive moment marked by the goodbye of Save me, which will air for the last time on Friday, June 16. It will be replaced during the summer by a program presented by Sandra Barnedaalthough from September Ana Rosa Quintana will take the reins of the afternoons.

Borrego’s message also comes after a few months in which the state of health of María Teresa Campos has given much to talk about. At her advanced age, the 81-year-old veteran communicator barely leaves the house. They also keep her out of what is published about her in the media. This Holy Week he did not travel to her beloved Malaga either.