Carmen Borrego does not want to see her son but she does want to mock him: “They cheated on me when my grandson was born”

Fifty meters. It is the distance that has separated this Monday from Carmen Borrego y José María Almoguera in This is lifea program in which they both work and in which they had to meet again this Monday after the arrival of the ‘survivor’ from Honduras and the poisonous exclusive of the grandson of Maria Teresa Campos against his mother. She, however, has refused to look him in the eyes: “Knowing that your son is a few meters away and not seeing him is not pleasant”has said.

According to Carmen, she did not want to put her firstborn in a commitment: “I have no problem looking at my son’s face, greeting him and looking into his eyes, I don’t know if he will have it with me. I don’t want to put him in a complicated situation, “He has put me in a complicated situation, but I have never done it,” she responded when asked about it.

Borrego did not want to approach José María but she did want to talk about the exclusive she came across last Thursday live and which, according to her, is full of lies. Carmen has said ‘enough’ and is willing to unmask her son and daughter-in-law: “When my grandson is born, I am not there, I am not notified, I find out on television and I don’t mind saying it because I am not going to tell lies, they send me a message and they tell me that they are in another hospital, I was not planning to go “, has counted. “Three days later, he called me to meet him and I answered that this was boiling, that I was crazy to meet him, but that if I had to sacrifice myself, I would wait 15 days and he told me: ‘No, you’re coming now.’ “It surprises me that now they say that I am the one who brings the press to their house.”

Carmen denies that the reconciliation with her son occurred after her mother’s death and fixed it a few months before. She also claims that the money she obtained for the pregnancy exclusive was one of the reasons for the conflict between them: “Money is the reason why they separate from me, they stop talking to me for a year (…), Still, without talking to me, Christmas came and I sent them a bonus so they could have a good Christmas, which was part of the money from that exclusive. I was told that what I had sent was bullshit.”. And he adds: “I think I have always behaved very well with her, with my son without a doubt, with my grandson, but also with her children.” And he denies that the conflict was started by her when she responded to Paola’s famous audios: “I was not responsible for what happened, I did not speak ill of anyone, I have not spoken about his wife’s family nor am I going to. His wife has. talked about my family, about me, but I was held responsible for all of that. It’s difficult to understand it, to understand it, but I see that to this day he continues to hold me responsible for what happened.”

The gathering of This is life She is very hurt by what happened but although she affirms that she will not speak ill of José María or Paola, she does state: “I had an illness derived from many problems that were in my life at that time and I decided that they could not take me ahead, nor my son or anyone, because I have another daughter, a family that loves me and no one can take anyone’s life, no one has the right. The journalist assures: “You can’t force a son to love you, I think he doesn’t love me well.” And she throws taunts at her daughter-in-law: “She said she is very spiteful. Hatred does not enter my life, that’s how my mother raised me and I think that right now, seeing how I’m managing this, wherever I am, she will be very proud of me.” .