Carmen Borrego consoles herself in her husband’s arms after her son’s monumental anger

Carmen Borrego is having a few convulsive weeks due to the controversial audios of Paolahis son’s wife, Jose Maria. In addition, in the midst of a storm, the daughter of María Teresa Campos gave an exclusive announcing the pregnancy of her daughter-in-law and her son. Reason why the young José María took a great anger and broke all relationship with his mother, as Informalia advancement.

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Meanwhile, Terelu Campos’ sister celebrated her birthday this weekend. She has done it surrounded by friends and family. Her husband, José Carlos Bernal, with whom she has been married since 2014, was not lacking: “A very nice birthday. Thank you all and my whole family for congratulating me and loving me,” Borrego wrote along with a photo with her husband. she.

Carmen turned 56 on October 11, although she blew out the candles weeks later. These days, she has also shared another significant image with her husband, on the beach: “Always by my side. I love you.”

José María’s anger

As you have been able to find out Informalia, José María Almoguera called his mother and sang the forty as soon as he saw the exclusive controversy of the pregnancy. He knew that Carmen was going to do it, because initially the three of them were going to do it (José María, Paola and Carmen), but after the terrible audios that stole her daughter-in-law, everything changed. Carmen became like a beast with her son and he stuck his neck out for her wife and that’s where the moves began. In fact, Paola apologized to the entire family, including the matriarch Teresa Campos, to whom she also alluded.

read alsoCarmen Borrego breaks up with her son and daughter-in-law after the audio scandal: “You have to set limits”

But after reading the exclusive, which Carmen is going to pocket entirely, José María got so angry that he couldn’t help but call his mother and tell her everything he thought.

“He has completely broken up with her. He doesn’t want to know anything about her. He is very angry, very hurt. His mother has put them in a very complicated situation as a couple that could take its toll on them,” a friend of the Almoguera couple points out. “They’re having a terrible time,” he assures us. “And they don’t understand how a mother can do that to her son,” they stress.

Since then there has been no communication, not a call, not a message. They don’t want to know anything about Carmen, or her son, or her daughter-in-law. And although she has said that she needs to set limits and that she needs to spend some time without talking to José María, the reality is that he is the one who refuses. José María does not want to know anything about Carmen or the press. He is scalded.