Carmen Borrego considers taking legal measures against Bigote Arrocet: “He is defaming a dead lady”

The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos responded this Thursday to the exchange of accusations between Arrocet Mustache y Meli Camachoone of the best friends of the deceased presenter. Carmen Borrego She appears hurt and surprised by some of the information that she herself was unaware of and warns the Chilean comedian: “I hope I am not the one who takes legal measures because you are talking about someone who is not there, you are defaming a lady who is deceased.”

The gathering of This is life She fully trusts Meli’s story: “She has been my mother’s great friend in recent years, she has been by her side in the good times and especially in the bad times,” she said. “Meli knows a lot about that relationship, she is the one who knows the most about it because she has lived it, I have not lived it.”

For Carmen, her mother’s friend “has been very generous with him” because she has kept many things to herself and has given Edmundo Arrocet some advice: “The least she had to do is keep quiet. We have been quiet, but in the end we are going to talk and I am very tired and the more tired and fed up I get, the more I talk.” The sister of Have him He explained that his mother did not share with them “many things out of pure shame” and that it is now that they are becoming aware of “the way in which she has suffered.”

Borrego has assured that they do not speak anymore out of respect: “My mother would suffer with this, she would suffer so much that if she were alive she would die again. I would like to talk to put everyone in their place, but she has always been and continues to be the priority in my life.” In addition, she took the opportunity to send a message to the comedian: “Stop calling my mother Teresita, her name is Teresa , respect her, since you have not respected her in life, respect her now that she is not here.” And he has made it clear that the only cruel person is him: “He is talking about a deceased person, to whom he did a lot of harm, to whom “She loved him even though she shouldn’t have loved him.”