Carmen Borrego breaks up with her son and daughter-in-law after the audio scandal: “You have to set limits”

The talk show host has tried to make up the situation but her circle already warned: “Things are bad.” And it is that the audios of Paola Olmedo criticizing all the Campos They sat down like a shot to their mother-in-law, Carmen Borregowho this Thursday has confessed that he has distanced himself from her and her son: “Sometimes, as a mother, you have to set limits.”

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The daughter of Maria Theresa Fields has exploded in Save me after a few very stressful days and, through tears, she has told what the family situation is really like: “I have experienced things that have made me miserable and for years I have taken charge of my life, I have been crying for three days and not because of the exclusive , this has removed me and connected me with very hard things from my past that I did not want to relive and that now I need time to overcome. Borrego added: “If my son has to choose between his wife and me, let him choose her, his happiness is always above mine. The situation has not come but it can come.”

Teresa’s sister who is going to be a grandmother in a few months, has continued: “I want to think that they will not take me away from my grandson, but I have seen an unknown face of Paola that, until you have put it in front of me, I had not realized”. And she has revealed: “I have always defended her and I did not expect some things that I have experienced these days. And I do not say this from rancor but from pain. I have met a loving Paola, I do not recognize the one I see now in the videos”.

Carmen is willing to solve things to achieve family peace, but it will be later; now is not the time: “The lack of empathy with someone who has opened the doors of your house has hurt me a lot. For my part, this can be fixed, but now I am not ready to talk to my son, because I do not want to sit down and cry. I need time.” And she wanted to make one thing clear: “I had no economic need to sell an exclusive. If I have done it, it has been for them and they know it.”