Carmen Borrego admits that she is living her most “delicate and annoyed” moment due to her mother’s situation

The Campos Sisters They celebrated Terelu’s birthday in an intimate and simple way this Thursday. The delicate state of health of her mother, who suffers from significant cognitive deterioration, as they themselves have recounted, does not allow them to have the spirits for big parties.

own carmen borrego He has admitted that this family situation makes him feel at the most “delicate and annoyed” on a personal level, but that Maria Teresa It’s your only “priority.”

“None of us are for many parties, it is a delicate and annoying moment in our lives, as would happen to anyone with their mother, neither more nor less,” he said at the doors of the Madrid venue where his sister blew out the candles for her 58th birthday. .

In addition, he explained that this summer the vacations have been divided to be aware of the veteran journalist: “I have a very delicate family moment as, on the other hand, it has a lot of people, like all families we have taken turns vacations and stay with my mother, as everyone tends to do when there is a family problem.

However, Carmen does not agree that it is said that it is her ‘worst summer’: “I am embarrassed when they say: ‘Carmen Borrego’s worst summer’ there are many people who are worse off, we are going to stop complaining, we are going to be realistic. We are not going to put ourselves in the head that we are worse than anyone because it seems to me that there are many people who are having a bad time at the moment. ”

Borrego has come out of the information that suggests that Mediaset would have decided not to go ahead with the tribute to the professional career of María Teresa. “I’ll tell you in due course, at this time we can’t talk,” he has settled.