Carlos Sainz: “You have to guess better which is going to be the best tire”


The Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) showed some frustration after this Saturday’s sprint at the United States Grand Prix, where they did not choose the tire well, the only one that came out with soft, and he had to defend himself again in the race. as he has been doing all season.

“Going for it was half a lap, the rest was defending myself and looking in the rearview mirrors the entire race. The truth is that I believed at times that I was going to go far behind and in the end I was able to hold on to the position with Russell. It’s something that must be analyzed because we have been the only team that has seen that soft rubber could be half decent, but it has not been,” he said in statements to Dazn, reported by Europa Press.

The Madrid native thus explained the poor choice of soft tire and a sprint in Austin that made him suffer, losing positions despite holding off George Russell’s Mercedes at the end. “Now we have to focus on seeing what we can do tomorrow, with the strategy. We have a lot of new wheels, it should be positive, we have to analyze why we thought the soft ones were going to do well, try to better guess which will be the best wheel” , he explained.

Furthermore, Sainz did not go out of his way to defend himself from the rest of the cars, since he would like to be able to be the one who attacks and seek the top positions in the race. “I’ve been defending myself all year, so I’m getting practice. In the race I do nothing but defend with this car,” he concluded.