Carlos Sainz: “There are no miracles in Formula 1”


The Spanish driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) pointed out that his 2023 season has gone “from less to more”, with a third place and a victory in the last three races, because the Italian team “was better” than in other tracks, insisting on that in Formula 1 “there are no miracles”, at the same time that he wanted to “take advantage” of other opportunities that arise.

“I think it has been a season from less to more and perhaps now we are in the best moment. There are six races left and obviously I want them to continue going just as well, but we have to keep trying to improve, get on some more podiums and see where we go. take that to the end of the season,” said the man from Madrid in statements shared by Estrella Galicia 0.0 collected by Europa Press.

Regarding his great results in Monza -third place- and Marina Bay -first win of the course-, he highlighted the “track factor” in his and Ferrari’s favor. “We didn’t bring any improvements to Singapore or Monza, it was simply a car and a set-up that adapted well to those circuits, that’s how Formula 1 works,” he explained.

“You also have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that this gives you and in Singapore we managed to take advantage of it perfectly and be at a high level of both driving and strategy. It comforts me to see how when opportunities come, they are taken advantage of and Ferrari is going to be there when the opportunity arrives,” Sainz celebrated.

And the thing is that the man from Madrid, who was guilty of breaking Red Bull’s streak 16 races later, reiterated that “in Formula 1 there are no miracles”, so it is clear that in Singapore he won “because the Ferrari was better than had gone to Zandvoort or Suzuka”. “Otherwise it is impossible to win,” he defended. “I hope we reach a track similar to Singapore and that we have the opportunity. If it comes, I will be there to take advantage of it,” he said.

For the remaining six races of the season, Sainz set his “clear objective” to fight for second place in the Constructors’ World Championship. “Try to beat Mercedes, who right now are about 20 points ahead or so,” he said. while “on a personal level” he will seek to “try to continue getting the best performance out of the car.”

“In some races it will be worth being sixth and in others it will be worth trying to get a podium, but that has to be my goal. Being on the top of the podium again will depend a lot on the tracks we go to and whether the car adapts good,” he remarked.

Finally, and now with 2024 in mind, Sainz wants to “take advantage” of opportunities, such as those in Singapore, when they arrive, although the goal of the title remains the priority. “I would like both Ferrari and I to start the season better. That is what positions you well in the championship and what allows you to fight for the World Championship, which in the end is what we all want,” he concluded.