Carlos Sainz: “I fully understand that people are more aware of Alonso, it’s natural”


The Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) confessed that he understands “perfectly” and sees it “natural” that the media and fans are more aware of Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), while regretting that the Ferrari is a car that “lets you show off little”, compared to Red Bull, “one of the most dominant cars in recent years”.

“It is not that I have felt it, it is that I see it (that people are more aware of Alonso), but I understand it perfectly, it seems natural to me. Fernando (Alonso) has been a two-time world champion, he made me want to be a pilot Formula 1. It’s something that doesn’t bother me or worry me. I’m also in Formula 1 giving everything for myself and for Spain,” Sainz acknowledged in an interview on ‘El Larguero’ by La Ser this morning.

The man from Madrid believes that the two-time Spanish champion is experiencing a “very beautiful” and “special” moment in his career. “After so many years, seeing that the fans have reconnected in this way… I’m sure they’re enjoying it,” he commented on ‘Alonsomanía’, admitting that the poor performance of Ferrari at this start doesn’t help the Spanish fans either. roll over with him.

“If Ferrari were there for victories and podiums, it would also be easier, it’s a car that lets you show off little and the fans don’t like that,” he added.

And it is that the Italian team has not yet been able to celebrate any podium, before the “very high level” of Red Bull, with “one of the most dominant cars in recent years.” “They do not fail, and they do not have so much pressure, because we are not close. They are at such a high and dominant level that it is difficult to force them to make an error as well,” he said.

“You don’t have to be a genius to know that they will be difficult to catch, they have between six tenths and a second of advantage, it is very difficult to cut it during the year. It puts Red Bull as a clear favorite, a very difficult favorite to reach. This It does not mean that we cannot win races, and then I will be ready to fish for a victory or a podium”, said Sainz.

The man from Madrid appreciated the “incredible” support of the Spanish fans at the Spanish Grand Prix, at a Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya that was “the worst” layout for the Italian team. “It made me angry, because it is the home circuit,” he lamented, although he predicted improvement in the Canadian GP. “It’s the opposite, slow corners, curbs, a lot of bumps, we hope that the improvements can help us more. I’ll go for it, I’ll try to be on the podium,” he wished.

Finally, Sainz admitted to being “aware” of the hypothetical Grand Prix in Madrid, although he made it clear that what he “worries about” is that the Spanish GP will continue, either in Barcelona or Madrid. “I want the most attractive project, which is capable of competing with Miami or Vegas, cities that turn to F1,” he concluded.