Carlos III’s sit-in on Harry and Meghan for his 75th birthday: they leak that the king has not invited them to his party

The 75th birthday is difficult for King Charles III. Her relationship with Harry, more than complicated, comes to cloud the preparations. Now a war breaks out the sending, or not, of the invitations from the Duke of Sussex and whether or not he has declined to attend the event on November 14 in London.

Since Prince Harry made Megxit effective and left London in 2020, the distance between father and son has only grown. Queen Elizabeth II was the link, the heart of the Windsors. Her death left a void in 2022 that Carlos must make up for and fill. For the monarch this will be his second birthday on the Throne. He blows out 75 candles and should build bridges with Harry. Following reports that the Duke of Sussex has declined the anniversary invitation, according to the Sunday Times, Now a new theory has emerged: Carlos did not send out those invitations and that is the reason why his son and daughter-in-law Meghan do not travel to London. This is how he publishes it MailOnlinewhich quotes sources close to the Sussexes: “They did not receive an invitation and were unaware that there was a celebration until the information was published,” points to the middle. It is difficult to understand this second part of the story, that of the lack of knowledge of a celebration, when it comes to the monarch’s 75th birthday.

To further fuel the morbidity of this disagreement, the dDaily Mail echoes an even more convoluted theory: Buckingham Palace could have generated the story of Harry’s rudeness to his father to divert the focus of attention from the monarch’s recent trip to Kenya, in which it had to face protests by Kenyan groups that discredited the United Kingdom’s colonial past. In line with this argument, this medium has indicated that sources close to the Government summarize the sovereign’s trip through Kenya as a “resounding success.” As it is, time passes. Carlos’s birthday is on Tuesday the 14th and everything indicates that Harry and Meghan will not attend.