Carlos III's red boxes: his method of teleworking while he is on sick leave due to cancer

“His Majesty will continue to receive the red boxes”the BBC reports on the teleworking methodology of Charles III. The famous red boxes are a tool for transporting documents from Parliament, as well as certificates or writings awaiting the King's signature. Carlos inherited this custom from his mother, Isabel II, who also used them. They are part of the history of the United Kingdom.

The red boxes are so historic that, in 2015, The one worn by Margaret Thatcher was auctioned at Christie's. It was awarded for 242,500 pounds (284,000 euros). With it he dispatched Queen Elizabeth. Are red boxes They will be the ones that Charles III uses to stay up to date in his office in Sandringham while he receives cancer treatment. Furthermore, as Buckingham announced, the monarch intends to continue his weekly audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The red boxes, manufactured by Barrow Hepburn & Gale, will help the sovereign to continue working from home. They will be his common thread with his agenda to maintain his commitments.

The boxes, historic in the Windsors, are actually like a briefcase. Documents were transported in them during World War II and they also carried the documentation that sealed the peace. The emblematic house specialized in leather goods revealed that Elizabeth II used the same boxes that she received at her coronation in 1953. Some briefcases that had the legend printed The Queen.