Carlos III dispatches with Sunak in Buckingham: his position as prime minister is now official

It was a matter of hours. Carlos III’s audience with Rishi Sunak, leader of the British Conservative Party, took place this Tuesday, October 25, at Buckingham Palace. A traditional meeting in which the monarch has commissioned him to form a Government. With this assignment, his appointment as premier.

Officially Rishi Sunak is already the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The head of government, at 42 years old, is the youngest since the 18th century to occupy 10 Downing Street. If Sunak was making his debut in this job, so was the king. For the first time, Carlos has chaired this audience with the Prime Minister to entrust him with the task of forming a government. Her mother, Elizabeth II, throughout her 70-year reign, did so with 15 leaders. The last one, with Liz Truss.