Carlos III, 75 years old: doctors prolong his admission and clear his agenda for a month

Charles III's prostate operation went well, as expected. However, The 75-year-old king, who was admitted last Friday the 26th to undergo an intervention, will remain one day longer than the two that had been scheduled. initially. This decision responds to medical indications, as reported in the British press as The Sun. The monarch underwent surgery at The London Clinic, the same center where his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, remains hospitalized, since last Tuesday the 16th.

It was Queen Camilla herself who acted as spokesperson to inform the media that the King was fine after the intervention: “It turned out well, thank you”. These were the kind words that Camilla said at the doors of the London hospital on Saturday the 27th. This testimony was added to Buckingham's information, which confirmed that There were no complications in the operation.

The Queen has visited her husband repeatedly on both Friday and Saturday. She has stayed by her side and He offered him his company while the monarch ate, as reported in the media. Initially it was reported that Carlos III would remain hospitalized for two days. However, following medical criteria, his hospital stay will be extended by one more day. Photo below, the Queen arriving at the clinic on Sunday the 28th.

The trip to Spain will have to wait

There is also a change of plans regarding his baja. As reported by Buckingham, “the king's public engagements will be postponed for a short recovery period.” However, he points out The Sun that when he is discharged, the king will clear your schedule for a month in order to focus on his recovery. He emphasizes, above all, that public commitments based on medical recommendation have been ruled out. However, “knowing the King, it is likely that he maintains some private audience and insists on doing office work,” the newspaper publishes, citing close sources. In this scenario, Carlos and Camilla's state visit to Spain comes to the fore. A trip to Madrid that had been planned for this month of February, according to some media reports. The necessary convalescence of the monarch postpones this commitment on his international agenda.