Carlos Alcaraz and Ana Mena: the unexpected ‘rollete’ of spring

He is one of the fashionable athletes and she is one of the most explosive singers on the music circuit. They have known each other for months and their relationship crosses the line of friendship, so much so that Ana Mena (26) went to see compete Carlos Alcaraz (20) at the Caja Mágica on May 8, when he won the Mutua Madrid Open title after an exciting final against Jean Lennard Struff.

According to Lara Fa, they have been together for two months, although the intensity of the relationship is unknown: it could end up in a spring roll or become the hot couple of the summer. We will have to wait.

At the moment, the Murcian tennis player is discovering himself as a true conqueror, because Ana Mena would not be the only girl surrendered to his charms lately. Apparently, Alcaraz would have had a special friendship with Melodie Penalvertemptress of the program the island of temptations, whom he met during an organized appointment in which there were “more than words”. According to Fa, Carlos was “freaked out with her”but they only had “a few sporadic encounters.”