Carlo Costanzia’s attack of jealousy (and not precisely because of Alejandra Rubio)

The son of Sea Flowers continues the bad streak. The arrest of his two brothers in Italy (one of them accused of attempted murder) is now joined by rumors of a crisis with his girlfriend, Alejandra Rubio. The latest information, which came to light this Friday, sheds a little light on the reasons why the daughter of Terelu Campos and the protagonist of Toy Boy They would have distanced themselves in recent days, some reasons with a woman’s name and surname: Jeimy Baez.

Jeimy is Carlo’s ex-girlfriend, the woman he was in a relationship with when Alejandra crossed his path. The young woman mourned the Italian’s betrayal on the television sets and accused him of being a womanizer and conflictive, among other things. Now, she has regained her hope with another well-known young man: Yulen Pereiraex de Anabel Pantoja and ex of Survivors. According to Leticia Requejo, they started fooling around through social networks and a month ago they took a step further, something that Carlo Costanzia did not like at all: “He crossed paths with them a few days ago and, far from passing, he stopped and got angry. It made him feel bad.”

It is strange, to say the least, that Mar Flores’ son is upset with an ex-girlfriend whom he himself left for another and some suggest that the young man still has feelings for her. He, of course, has not spoken about Jeimy or about that supposed crisis with Alejandra, although there are many details that suggest that they are not going through their best moment: a few days ago, they got into a fight in a well-known restaurant in Madrid. The media pressure that they have endured these weeks and the lack of support from their families does not help them to live their love with peace of mind, as well as the situation of Carlo himself, who wears a telematic bracelet due to a 21-month prison sentence and must appear. daily in the Penitentiary Center.