Carlo Costanzia Sr. breaks his silence and denies Makoke: “The information is totally false”

Makoke revealed last Saturday that Carlo Costanzia father He had contacted her after the interview that his son Carlo had given the night before on Telecinco. “If I took out all the audios, messages and documents that I have from Mar, I would not be able to return to Spain,” read the supposed message, words that Laura Matamoros He described this Monday as unnecessary by unleashing a “senseless” war. Now, the Italian count has spoken, and he has done so through a statement that has left his supposed interlocutor in a very bad light.

Costanzia has accused Makoke of sharing false information and has threatened to take legal action for attributing to her statements about Mar Flores that she denies having made to her. Specifically, the count refers to a message that the talk show host read live on Fiesta: “Mar asked me to be her lover when she was married to Javier Merino.” It must be remembered that Carlo Costanzia is the first child of Mar Flores, the result of her relationship with the count. Later, the model had four more children with the businessman Javier Merino.

Carlo Costanzia's statement

Europa Press has had access to the aristocrat's statement. “I hereby inform you that the news that has recently appeared and continues to appear in different media outlets attributing to me various statements linked to the appearance of my son, Mr. Carlo Costanzia Flores, on a television program last Friday, January 19 from 2024, “they are totally false”read the first lines.

“The undersigned has not made any type of statement, public or private, to any media, journalist or collaborator. of any program, in relation to said television appearance of my son, nor referring to the past or his mother, so that all the statements that presumably link me to any type of statement are mendacious, and there cannot be any sound, graphic, or any kind of something that has never taken place,” he adds.

Costanzia affirms that “given the seriousness of these events, las fake it isws sadly so common in our days, must absolutely be denounced and persecuted, both by the Professional Associations of Journalists, as well as by the Madrid Press Association, and above all by the Administration of Justice, especially when the honorability, and the personal and family privacy of third parties, in this case, of who subscribes”.

“Reserving the exercise of the actions indicated above to all the media that have participated in consciously spreading these falsehoods and that have already gone viral on the internet and social networks, I would appreciate it if you would communicate that the undersigned affirms the total falsehood of each and every one of the statements that have been attributed to him previous or subsequent contemporaries on the 19th of January 2024″, he says in his writing.