Carlo Costanzia Sr. backtracks: the worrying reason why he does not accompany his son on set

Carlo Costanzia will not accompany his son in the new delivery of Friday! as was known only a few hours before the broadcast of the program. The Italian count must stay in Milan, the city where he lives, to take care of his mother after being hospitalized.

“The father is not going to come in the end to be with the son in the interview because his mother is sick, entered in Milan. So he is there. Yes, it is true that he supports the version that his son is giving. He respects her,” Kike Calleja reported on the program Vamos a ver.

According to the journalist, Carlo's father is upset by the information that has been coming out in recent days regarding his family, because “he doesn't want to relive any war because it cost everyone a lot of pain.”

In this sense, the program has clarified that the aristocrat “he is not upset with Makoke” for the details that she provided last Saturday in Fiesta after contacting, supposedly, a friend they have in common.

Makoke's informant sent him some audios explaining that Carlo planned to take legal action against Mar Flores, that he would have asked her to be “his lover” during the relationship he later had with Javier Merino. Likewise, the recordings were never played live due to their intimate content. Only some colleagues on set could hear them, such as Sandra Barneda or César Muñoz, which corroborated the version of Kiko Matamoros' ex-wife.

“It is true that she is not a close friend, but I have been able to listen to the audios and they cannot be played. What counts is that your son sits on the set to tell the suffering he has experienced for so many years. and because with his version he may be helping other kids who feel the same way,” said the reporter. Meanwhile, Laura Matamoros insists that Makoke intends to unleash “a war” between Carlo Costanza Sr. and Mar Flores.

The son of the model and the Italian will return this Friday to answer questions about his family past on Telecinco, which will be broadcast in a new installment of Friday! in full prime time. Last week, the actor Toy Boy He opened up about how his parents' divorce affected him and talked about the bullying he suffered at school and his relationship with drugs. At some points the interpreter went so far as to “blame” his parents for his problems.

A few days after granting the interview, Week collected some statements from Mar Flores. “Carlo is good, but he is badly influenced. I only ask that God bless him,” commented the model, according to what Aurelio Manzano wrote in said weekly. “I love him more than my life, but maybe he doesn't understand that he can't allow himself many more mistakes. At 10 years old he went to live with his father and made a mistake… At 30 I saved him from spending nine years in prison by paying one hundred and many thousand euros selling properties, and he doesn't understand that he was wrong. And now she's wrong again,” she added.