Carlo Costanzia makes a scandal at his ex-girlfriend’s house: “He was out of his mind”

The son of Sea Flowers has rebuilt his life with Alejandra Rubio and already enjoys Malaga routines and getaways with his daughter have him. However, he still has unfinished business with his ex, Jeimy, and tried to settle them this Wednesday in the worst way. According to the young woman, Carlo Costanzia He showed up at her house without warning with the intention of going up and collecting some of her things. She prevented him from doing so and the Italian actor unleashed her anger: “He was out of his mind.”

Jeimy has said on Ana Rosa’s program that she did not open the door of her house and he began to insult her from the street: “I don’t want to see him or talk to him and we started arguing. I was on the balcony and he was on the street.” “He was out of his mind. He shouted very ugly things at me and my family,” he revealed. “He’s never been like that with me before. He went too far. I told him that if he didn’t leave I would call the police and he left.” However, the story did not stop there: “A little later, he called me on the phone to apologize. “He told me that he just wanted to talk things over calmly, that he was sorry, and he also called my parents to apologize,” he said.

Jeimy affirms that he just wants to turn the page and forget Carlo once and for all: “I don’t refuse to give him his things, but he only wants what interests him and doesn’t take care of the rest. He came to get some glasses and a watch that I don’t even have here. He only comes to my house to piss me off.” And he adds: “Let him call my mother to pick up his things, I don’t want to know anything about him.”

a year of love

It must be remembered that Carlo and Jeimy were dating for a year, until January 23, when the young Catalan woman kicked the actor out of her house after discovering a series of infidelities. The situation became so complicated that the police showed up at her home and she ended up in the hospital.

Jeimy reported that her courtship with Mar Flores’ son had been very complicated due to the boy’s judicial and family problems, who wears a telematic bracelet due to a prison sentence, now on probation. In fact, after leaving Jeimy’s house, where the bracelet was domiciled, Carlo was forced to spend the night again at the social reintegration center.