Carlo Costanzia, after his kisses with Alejandra Rubio: “Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers”

Carlo Costanzia (31) y Alejandra Rubio (23) have been photographed kissing each other, hugging and playing with their hands on what appeared to be a date in a shopping center in Madrid. The images caused a great surprise this Tuesday, especially after the young man made headlines for talking about his difficult family past and his problems with the law (he wears a telematic bracelet). After being caught, the influencer clarified this Tuesday that they are not “dating”, since they are just “getting to know each other”. In his first appearance before the press after breaking the news, the model It has been emphatic and concise in words.

“I can't and don't want to tell you anything… Thank you very much for your work. I understand it, I understand it. And see you tomorrow at Fashion Week”, were the words that the son of Sea Flowers y Carlo Costanzia he shared this Wednesday after being asked about it.

Later he confirmed that there is a good relationship between them, although without giving more details. “We know each other,” he simply responded. “I have nothing to talk to you about that, it's a cover, “Next time I will try to take the photos myself to get the money.”, he added, insisting that he does not want to talk about “personal things” and asking that his “privacy” be respected. “Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers,” she joked.

The protagonist of Toy Boy Since last September, he has been serving a 21-month sentence for a continued crime of aggravated fraud related to the sale of high-end cars. The young man must always wear a telematic bracelet that controls all his movements through a GPS.

Problems with justice

The artist has always defended his innocence and claims that he was deceived by his partner. “I always believed that the business was legal”, he came to declare. Proof of this is that he has returned a large part of the amount defrauded to the victims to repair the damage.

This is not the first time he has had problems with the law., since in October 2022 he entered a prison after being stopped at a traffic stop. At that time he was granted a third degree regime after which he was forced to move around with the telematic bracelet.

“I do not want to justify my actions, but when I commit these crimes I am neither in my right mind nor in my senses. I also say this, in a certain sense, with shame. I am not glad that I had all the addiction problems that I have had throughout my life, I am glad to have overcome them and I am glad that, today, I am completely clean,” he explained on television. Now, he is in a rehabilitation process to end his addictions.