Carlo Constanzia's harsh story about his childhood, his problems with drugs and his legal battle: “They found me unconscious”

Carlo Constanzia opened Pandora's box on the small screen this Friday night. Without mincing words, Mar Flores' eldest son recounted his childhood marked by self-harm and drugs, the media overexposure he suffered when he was a child due to his parents' divorce, as well as the young man's problems with the law.

Carlo started taking antidepressants when he was just ten years old. “At school they bullied me, I had a certain amount of psychological abuse due to the continuous harassment I have had at school, due to the headlines I have been able to see about my mother,” the model's first-born son said this Friday on the set of Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona.

Likewise, the actor explained that, although he was a child, he received insults due to the media separation from his mother. “Very strong insults to my mother and to me too,” he said while remembering his atypical childhood.

The son of Mar Flores and Carlo Constanzia confessed that he self-harmed on several occasions until one day he wanted to take his own life. “One day I came home and started taking all the pills I could, all the alcohol I could with all the substances I could and I had the perfect plan,” he said. As it was, a friend of Carlo came home and found him unconscious. Immediately, he took him to an emergency hospital and had his stomach pumped. “I don't know if he had more of a feeling of helplessness at not having gotten what he wanted or of shame because people had seen how far he could have gone,” he acknowledged.

Your problem with justice

Carlo Constanzia is sentenced to 21 months in prison for fraud, of which he has already served six months. “My judicial situation is that I am still in deprivation of liberty, but with a telematic bracelet. This is granted to me when I am in the last phase and it remains for this latest crime of fraud,” he explained.

Likewise, the young man stressed that in the judicial process he received great support from Javier Merino, the ex-husband of Mar Flores. “In the judicial process it has helped me a lot,” she highlighted. The businessman has been key in this judicial battle after being accused of fraud along with his former partner in a business of buying and selling high-end vehicles that never reached their clients.

“All the people who have reported me knew that the only way to get their money back was to go against me. I have ended up returning more than double what I received on my own. Past failures sooner or later are paid for,” he said.