Carlo Constanzia reveals what his true relationship is with his brothers, the children of Mar Flores and Javier Merino

Carlo Constanzia This Friday he removed his past by talking about his complicated childhood (marked by the media separation of his parents and drugs). Likewise, the young man revealed what his true relationship is like with his brothers, the children of Sea Flowers and the businessman Javier Merino.

“A little brother always sees an older brother with a superhero. I am the opposite of that. I would have to be dead or in jail, well I'm already in jail,” revealed the actor. It must be remembered that Carlo Constanzia is the first son of Mar Flores, the result of his relationship with Count Carlo Constanzia. Later, the model had four more children with the businessman Javier Merino.

About her relationship with Javier Merino, the interpreter of the series Toy Boy He confessed that they maintain good treatment. “In the judicial process it has helped me a lot,” she highlighted. Likewise, regarding his battle with justice, Carlo Constazia said: “All the people who reported me knew that the only way to get their money back was to go against me. I ended up returning more than double what I received on my own.” .

Carlo Constanzia has already served six months of the 21 months to which he was sentenced. “My judicial situation is that I am still in deprivation of liberty, but with a telematic bracelet. This is granted to me when I am in the last phase and it remains for this latest crime of fraud,” he explained.