Carla Vigo was not invited to Leonor’s party and she has not spoken to her cousins ​​in years

It is false that Carla Vigo stand up to his cousin Leonor at his 18th birthday party, as published. From the environment of the daughter of Erika Ortiz They confirm to us that the reason why she did not go to El Pardo is that simple: they did not invite her.

The relationship between the young aspiring actress and her aunt Letizia is practically non-existent, a sad distancing that extends to her cousins ​​Leonor and Sofía. They assure this portal that Carla has not spoken to the Borbón-Ortiz sisters for years, despite the fact that the young woman is full of praise for both of them when asked by reporters: “I am very proud of them, they are doing very well. Leonor is going to be a very good queen”.

Carla, who turned 23 on the 13th, studied Dance and Performance and is trying to make her way as an actress. She owes her debut on stage to Rafael Amargo, who signed her for the adaptation of ‘Yerma’ in 2021. However, the young woman has had mental health problems for years, as she herself has stated, and that now They have forced him to take a break and focus on his care. She is currently undergoing treatment at the López Ibor clinic paid for by her grandfather Jesús Ortiz and which, close people tell us, “is not cheap at all.” In fact, it was he who picked her up last August at the hospital, after having suffered a crisis for which she required medical attention.

Carla is the daughter of Erika Ortiz and her husband Antonio Vigo, whom Queen Letizia’s sister divorced shortly before her death in February 2007. The girl remained under the care of her father until she was 18, when she decided to move and live with her boyfriend. After her breakup, Carla moved again and now lives in a subsidized apartment north of Madrid. She is very active on social media, where she shares her joys and also her sorrows. Last February, he remembered his mother with an emotional message: “16 years have passed since your trip without a return ticket, although it hurts less and less, but every day of my life what I wish most is that you could get off from wherever you are to give me one last hug and to see the person I have become. Things have changed a lot around here but we still think of you,” said Carla. “I’m going through a very hard time but thanks to this I understand you much better. I don’t want you to worry about me because I’m going to be fine and in this process I’ve met wonderful little people so it hasn’t been that bad. I would have liked to “I can enjoy more with you, but sometimes life is not what we expect. Well, beautiful flower, now we say goodbye, I will always love you and even though I have already grieved, I will never forget you. I love you.”