Carla Vigo reappears after her hospital admission and reveals if Queen Letizia has cared about her

Carla Vigo monopolizes the heat of the spotlight. The niece of the queen letizia She was admitted on August 30 due to an emergency at the La Paz Hospital (Madrid). The admission occurred five months after the daughter of the missing Erika Ortiz confessed that she had been hospitalized for several weeks after being diagnosed with bulimia. This Thursday, September 7, Carla reappeared publicly at the presentation of the new show Raphael Bitter and told how he is.

“Right now I’m fine, I feel fine. I don’t want to talk about it but I’m fine,” he assured. The young woman, who lost her mother in 2007, has stated that she has received support from her maternal grandparents, Paloma Rocasolano y Jesus Ortiz. “Yes of course”.

Queen Letizia has also been keeping an eye on her niece’s health. The actress responded with a timid “yes” to the media, who asked her if she has the support of the Asturian consort.

Carla Vigo and Rafael Amargo

They both worked together on barren. Now, the actress will get on stage again. “She played the role of Maria well in barren, and this one too. It is more daring, there are three characters that unfold around Salomé and the head of Saint John the Baptist, a work inspired by baroque paintings and baroque paintings of the 17th century,” said the dancer.