Carla Vigo is discharged from the ER, surrounded by the love of her grandparents, Paloma Rocasolano and Jesús Ortiz

Paloma Rocasolano and Jesús Ortiz are devoted to their granddaughter Carla. A few days ago they went to the La Paz Hospital in Madrid to pick up Queen Letizia’s niece. The young woman was treated in the ER, after staying at the medical center for several hours. She was discharged on August 19. She publishes it magazine Week.

Serious and with the emergency report in hand, Carla Vigo hugged her grandmother. At the gates of the hospital, Paloma, very affectionate, received her with open arms, grabbed her face with her hand and caressed her face. Doña Letizia’s parents did not separate from the young woman for a moment. It was the moment in which the daughter of the deceased Érika Ortiz received a medical discharge and got into the car with her grandparents, as reported by the publication.

Carla, 22, is going through a difficult time. Last March she was also admitted. The young woman, brave and with integrity, spoke with her followers about the bulimia disorder that she suffers from. She also talked about eating disorders, a disorder related to self-perception and distortion of body image, which she has suffered since she was 14 years old.