Carla Vigo bites the bullet and reveals the reason why she has broken up with her boyfriend: “The breakup is final”

Carla Vigo she has broken her silence after knowing that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Alvaro Ucedaafter a year and a half living with him in his in-laws’ house: “I’m sorry, but these are things that happen and that’s it. I’m sad. I didn’t want to tell it anywhere but I had no other choice,” he confessed this Thursday at his 22nd birthday party, which was held in a Madrid nightclub.

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the niece of the Queen Letizia He explained that there were no third parties involved in the breakup: “I didn’t feel good about myself. And if you don’t feel good, you can’t be good with anyone.”

In this way, it seems that their love was broken from using it so much: “One of the problems we had was living with my partner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Despite everything, the young man still has a hole in his heart (not on his Instagram, where he has erased all traces of him): “I still love Álvaro, but, for the moment, the breakup is final“, she added with bright eyes and visibly nervous to the microphones of Europapress.

Carla Vigo, caught distributing propaganda

The daughter of the disappeared Erika Ortizwho is trying to make a living as an actress and has already made her theater debut with Raphael Bitter, was seen handing out propaganda in a commercial area. In this regard, she explained: “I don’t think it’s anything weird and I don’t know why it’s news. I don’t understand why it’s surprising. Like many other people who have had to do that at a bad time and that’s it, like many actors who do not give them to live“.

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As for her professional aspirations, the cousin of the princess eleanor and the Infanta Sofia She assures that nobody gives her the job done because she is the niece of who she is: “For me to be told that I am a good actress, I have to work much more than the rest, because they tell me that I am a plugged-in and for this it is not worth it”.

defend his aunt

Rumors about his relationship with the Asturian consort are constant. The niece-in-law of Philip VI clarifies that the relationship they maintain is good and that Doña Letizia is aware of her: “Let the people know that they are. It’s not that it hurts me, but I don’t really understand why people, who don’t know what’s going on either, say you don’t care about me. If you haven’t seen me in my life…”.