Carla Barber and Dani Ceballos flirt on the networks: little hearts and games from the family area of ​​the Bernabéu

We already have a new Wag in the Real Madrid universe. Carla Barber and the player Daniel Ceballos They maintain a relationship that is still hidden but evident through their messages on social networks. The doctor, who gave birth to her second son, Bosco, last Good Friday, broke two of her offspring with her father, Josephjust a few weeks before the baby is born.

The bomb has been dropped by the program socialite where they have investigated all the messages from the doctor and supermom Carla Barber, who could be flirting with the attractive player of the white team, Daniel Ceballos. This would be the second time that the model would also be a WAG of the Madrid team because, as will be remembered, on her day she was already a partner of the merengue player Alvaro Morata.

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Although neither Carla nor Daniel have confirmed their romance, nor have they been able, yet, to be photographed together, the clues that both are leaving on social networks give them away. These begin with the Real Madrid-Almería match.

It seems that the fooling around began in July of last year, when Daniel broke up with his longtime girlfriend, María, and began to follow Carla and fill her profile with ‘likes’. The aesthetic doctor was then in a relationship with businessman Joseph, father of her two children, who are still very young babies.

Later there have been a series of coincidences that indicate that theirs goes beyond good friendship. the ex of Diego Matamoros He has attended Madrid training in Valdebebas this week with his eldest son, and this Saturday he witnessed the game from the family area.

The strongest clues have been the messages that the influencer He has posted telling how he went out to dinner, just after the game at the Bernabéu, with company that he did not want to reveal, but which points to Daniel, to whom he seems to be directing a nice message just after the meeting and dinner: “Have you met any Did you ever meet someone who was a sun in human form? (Have you ever met someone that was sunshine in human form?).

It only remains to wait for confirmation of what is understood in the networks and what has materialized in the television programs that have scrutinized the affection that is distilled in their profiles in networks.