Cañizares: “What Guardiola says about Spain does not feel right to me, I don't know when his brain mutated …”

Santiago Cañizares has had a long talk with Míster Chip on Twitter, in which he has talked about his entire sports career and he has explained why he terminated his contract with Valencia. In addition, the exguardameta praised the ability of Real Madrid to win in decisive duels, spoke of the importance of marketing within football and openly criticized Pep Guardiola's political message.

Guardiola: “I remember back in '92 that Guardiola spoke to us about politics in a very moderate way. Even we could joke with affection. It was anecdotal what we talked about politics. If someone was from the other extreme, it didn't matter. My experience With Pep, that's it. People talked about politics with pleasure, nothing to do with the history that exists now, whether Guardiola is involved or not. Now everything is disgusting, we no longer tolerate each other. He said he was in love with Catalonia. I have never seen him uncomfortable in the National Team, neither he nor anyone else. I have only seen Oleguer, come and speak to Luis Aragonés, asking him not to take him any more, which was not what he wanted. The only one who had a nose to say it. I never saw that in Guardiola, he was always delighted at all the calls for the National Team. Once we ended up crying after losing. I have never seen him deny the National Team. “

Not in the Selection's chat: “I don't know what happened to him, I've lost contact with him. We all have a chat that we play the Olympiad. All but one: Pep Guardiola. Probably because he's the most famous guy right now. I'm not criticizing him for not Being in the chat, I understand that he has a lot of stress and is not bullshit. There is Luis Enrique, Abelardo … He is not. “

“I don't know who controls Guardiola's political brain”


Pep's ideology: “I feel very bad when he speaks ill of Spain. As if anyone said no, much worse. I have been with him in the National Team and we have cried when we were eliminated in Boston. I do not know when he mutated his brain. Neither his nor of a large part of the society that makes us face each other. Before, we could discuss politics, hesitate, even enjoy ourselves. We are no longer capable of not even making self-criticism of the party we like. At what point have our brains been stolen? At what point have you mutated Guardiola? What need do you have to do that? He does not have that heart, he is not a bad boy. I do not know who runs his political brain, I do not understand. “

The seventh: “It is the most important of all those that have been won lately. Breaking history is very difficult. It is like when Spain went to the quarters and began to play football enchanted by life. Madrid had not won the Champions for 30 years and it seemed impossible. Since then he competed in a different way. That also happened with Valencia, who had not won a title for 20 years when we won the Cup. “

The Champions of Madrid: “If you ask me, I would say he is 13, but I have already lost count. I would not know how to sign 100%. When Valencia signed me, I said that my goal was to win a title, not to encourage the League. Ten years later I retired and I don't know if I won seven or eight titles there anymore. “

“I feel very bad when he talks about Spain”

Cañizares, on Guardiola

Finals: “It is very heavy to play a final for the first time. We calmly won the Europa League against Marseille because we came from losing two Champions League finals. In the first you compete worse than in the second. How did it happen for Atlético after the two losses. In Europe League were going to win and their rival to enjoy. “

The golden age of Madrid: “Madrid does not lose a Champions League final because it is natural for them. They also win relatively comfortably. For others it is a world. For Madrid not because at the time it broke with history. You always prefer to play against Madrid in any other stage, it is not a final of Champions because you know that the most normal thing is that they beat you “.

“La Séptima is the most important Champions League in recent Madrid”


New Champions format: “As you advance they will have it easier. In the quarter you can surprise either Madrid or Barcelona. In the semifinals it will cost me more, but in the final it is almost impossible.”

Penalty Raúl in the battle for the League: “We ended up winning the League, but the game had great significance. With how difficult it is to beat Madrid at the Bernabéu, against the Galacticos, playing everything … it was a rush as a professional. It was crazy to face those players. Winning there was the maximum, it wasn't just three points. “

Koeman's year: “One day he told me that he was not counting on me, to find me equipment. I told him that I was not going to leave, that I would have to put up with it. To leave was to sacrifice a lot of money and with 38 years in the market and with what he was charging. They would have called me crazy. My theory is that Juan Soler came to the club and was throwing out very valid people, we did not understand him. We were encouraged to correct him in something, he threw out a physiotherapist that we had spent money on training him and that it was important For us. Some players did not agree with the president and he organized a lunch or dinner with his wife and we did not go. He asked me for help to renew Ayala and he lied to me. He did not agree with him. He was not critical, although he was born to me. Quique Sánchez Flores was unfairly kicked out, from what presidents do when they have no football training. He brought Koeman, but the team did not work. We were going down, we fell in the Champions … “.

Farewell to Valencia: “The way Koeman had to make the president happy was to charge against us. The president welcomed him for identifying those of us who were not related to the president. Angulo and Albelda were younger than me and when Koeman left, the problems ended. I had to terminate my contract and not be there last season. They had to pay me the same, it made more sense that since they were going to pay me they would have me. “

“Hair has given me more for public opinion than anything I've ever done”


Memories of arbitration: “In the first Champions League, in a Valencia-Bayern whistle, the referee whistled the end in a hand-to-hand shot by Piojo López against Kahn. Bayern was overturned, but on one counter it was not alone, it was very solid.”

Super: “He had no marketing, he didn't tell nice stories. He was very introverted in the media. In the end, his football was similar to Simeone's. Cúper is not respected the same for not having marketing. Aimar was always very good, Cañizares too, Pellegrino … Cúper never appeared in the chronicles. In defeat, he was always criticized. Valverde was the same. “

“Some players did not agree with the president …”

Cañizares, on his farewell to Valencia

Criticism and Super: “One day we had to win to qualify and they accused him of being defensive. He had to get fed up and he told us: 'Boys, take good care of yourself. Cañizares, Ayala, Pellegrino and from there everyone on the attack. Defense. I just want you to tell what I have told you at a press conference. “That was historic. He should have cared zero, he could not cope with soccer ignorance, coming from playing in a Champions League final.”

The fans against Cúper: “They shook his car with his wife inside for drawing against Madrid and folding in the second half. The Valencia fans are very loyal, they are always at the stadium, despite being mistreated by the property now. They can shake you, but they give you the applause of your life if you do it right. Sometimes it costs the fruit of passion to distinguish the honest from the thief. If the media said that Cúper was defensive, it stuck in their heads. “

Ernesto Valverde and hair marketing: “He doesn't have a generous speech or empathy with the published opinion. That's it. That's why. There are coaches who have gone too far for the speech. Marketing is essential in everything. One day I told my hairdresser that I was bitter about an injury. He dyed my hair blond. One stop of blond has been worth about twenty stops with the brunette. Every stop I made like this was known to me all over the world. Brown alone in Spain. We were touring the world and couldn't or going outside. The hair has given me more for public opinion than everything I've done. Obviously you have to accompany him playing well, but with blond hair it was worth more. “

“Valverde's problem is that he has no marketing”


Centennial of Valencia: “That day there was an act and a game between legends. I felt a love from the fans that not even when we won all the titles. It was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced on a soccer field.”