Cándido Conde-Pumpido, urgently admitted to the hospital after being accused of sexual assault

The pressure has taken its toll on the former Lara Dibildos. Accused of having raped a woman last Friday at his home, he spent the weekend in jail and was provisionally released on Monday. His whereabouts have been unknown until this Wednesday: Cándido Conde-Pumpido He has been admitted to a hospital in Madrid.

According to Esdiario, do not know the exact reasons for his illness or its severity, but everything indicates that it derives from the delicate legal situation he has faced since a young Brazilian woman accused him of having forced her to have non-consensual sex in his Madrid home. “He is psychologically very bad, he is very affected by what happened.”

The alleged victim claims that she met the lawyer days after her breakup with Lara Dibildos and that they were starting a relationship: “He was sad, he didn’t eat and he mixed medication with many drugs: alcohol, cocaine, ketamine… At his house he offered me have sex with his friends and I refused, I went to his room and there he forced me,” he declared to Code 10.

The version of the lawyer, defended by the lawyer Ricardo Álvarez Ossorio, is very different: “She did not want to leave the house, she drank wine, she walked around like a botfly… My client, fed up, asked her to leave and she had a violent outbreak,” he explained. They deny the alleged sexual assault and have provided the court with images from the security cameras in Conde Pumpido’s house. The woman’s story does not match the images and the medical examination of the alleged victim found no evidence of any sexual assault. They prepare a complaint against the woman for false accusation.