Camilla reappears and offers the last medical report of Carlos III: “He is quite well, given the circumstances”

After the Prince Guillermo resumed its institutional agenda last Wednesday, it was the turn of the queen camilla. The wife of Charles III He resumed his commitments this Thursday by attending a charity concert at Salisbury Cathedral, where he gave the monarch's final medical report: “He's feeling pretty good, given the circumstances.”

Dressed in a 'lady' cut coat in ecru tones, the queen appeared calm and smiling upon her arrival at the temple. There she greeted the welcoming committee and gratefully responded to questions about her husband's health: “He is very touched by all the letters and messages that the public has been sending from all over”has said. “That's very encouraging.”he pointed out.

This is the queen's first act since Buckingham Palace announced last Monday that King Charles III is suffering from cancer. The monarch has already begun receiving outpatient treatment (based on radiotherapy and hormones) and will remain on sick leave indefinitely. Just one day after announcing the diagnosis, the monarch received a visit from his son Harry, who took the first flight from Los Angeles as soon as he received the call from his father. They had a 45-minute meeting at Clarence House in which Camilla also participated.

Both the Queen and the Prince of Wales will be in charge of replacing the King during the time his treatment continues. The heir, furthermore, receives this responsibility at a very delicate family moment, since his wife, Kate Middleton, is convalescent after undergoing an abdominal surgery on January 16. The princess was hospitalized for 13 days and is now recovering at Addelaide Cottage, where her parents have moved to help care for her three children, George, Charlotte and Louise. This Wednesday, Prince William thanked the support and affection received in these difficult times: “It is very important to us.”