When 25 years have passed since the death of Diana of Wales, the woman who destroyed his marriage, his greatest enemy, becomes queen consort of England.

The princess would never have imagined that Camilla Parker Bowles She would go so far, not only by taking away her husband, but also the throne that she will share with Carlos III from now on. But Her Britannic Majesty’s new consort is not the same woman who was the crown prince’s mistress for 30 years, before, during and after his wedding to Diana. As Lady Di said bitterly, in her famous interview with the BBC: “We were a marriage of three.”

The English detested her for years while worshiping a Diana, deceived and humiliated by her husband and the rest of the Royal Family. But over the years and with a discreet attitude and always on her side, Camilla gradually won over public opinion, which has ended up seeing her as a good companion and the best support for the new king.

Camilla, already as duchess Of Cornwall, She has known how to interpret her role as the wife of the heir, on trips, at official acts, at sporting events, in family photos. Her secret has been patience and perseverance, a friendly but restrained character and an excellent education, which has allowed her to perfectly comply with the strict protocol of the Court, with naturalness and closeness.

He has not aspired to titles or social relevance beyond his institutional role, always in the background. At 75 years old), he likes living in the countryside, animals, children, he really enjoys his grandchildren. And in addition, she has been involved in humanitarian causes, in defense of the environment, something that she shares with her husband. Neither has she made any display of wealth or excesses in her appearance.

When Carlos was finally able to marry the woman of his life, she was 57 years old and the Prince of Wales, 56. The two were back from everything and did not intend anything other than to make official a relationship that they hid for decades, as something reprehensible or sinful.

Carlos found in his wife the affection that he never had from his parents. Camilla comes from a happy and affectionate family and those feelings are what she has offered to the new king. With intelligence and naturalness, he managed to convince Diana’s children that she did not intend to be her second mother, in addition to respecting the memory of the princess.

But above all he knew how to convince Isabel II that she would be a good wife and a good companion of the prince and future monarch. For this reason, Elizabeth II wanted her daughter-in-law to stop being only the wife of the new sovereign, to become queen consort. And so she ordered:

“When, in the fullness of time, my son Carlos becomes King, I know that you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me. It is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla be known as the Queen consort as she continues her loyal service.” Queen’s word.

Camilla Parker Bowles, whom Lady Di called dirty in the sense of not very clean, had to put up with a good part of public opinion despising her. She also had to listen to satiety that charles of england he had chosen her, “that stale, badly coiffed aristocrat”, over his attractive and charming wife, 16 years younger.

Camilla was for years the representation of the figure of the evil in the stories, the stepmother, the witch who came to destroy Diana’s happiness, the one who cried in front of all Humanity. She was the perfect story of the tough, cold harpy; the pretty and the ugly Diana defined Camilla as the rottweiler. But the truth is that it was Camilla herself who rejected Carlos. Camilla and Carlos were lovers even before falling in love.

But today Camilla has benefited from a long image washing operation and in these times, the vision of women with the image that they wanted to sell her for years has changed to the point that for many their doubly adulterous relationship with the man who was destined to be king of England translates into understandable, since it is more humane to act moved by true love and passion than by forced marriages such as that of the Prince of Wales. That scandal entitled “I want to be your tampax” that seemed insurmountable is an anecdote in the life of the current Duchess of Cornwall.