Camilín, out of control and spending the six million he inherited from his father: “Fear for his life”

The son of Camillus Sextus and the mexican Lourdes Ornelas he has lost his oremus. At 39 years old, his time in hospitals and his attitude have set off all the alarms. No one, not even her mother, can control the excesses that visibly affect her health. Camilin he wants to change his sex and is already taking hormones himself, but he does it without medical supervision. His will is to be “the devilish Sheila”, as he has baptized himself on his social networks.

As a backdrop, the colossal fortune inherited from the great singer from Alcoy. Four years after the death of his father in 2019, at the age of 72, we do not know how much remains of the two million euros he received. In addition, the legacy of the interpreter of Jesus Christ Superstar includes the Torrelodones mansion in Madrid, and an income of 200,000 euros a year thanks to the copyright of Camilo Sesto.

But the Valencian artist also owned a 2,500-meter plot and another chalet in the La Chopera urbanization. In total, the legacy is estimated at around six million euros, according to Maria Eugenia Yague in The Other Chronicle.

“Absolutely Out of Control”

It is not easy for Lourdes Ornelas to deal with her son. When they lived together in Mexico, she tried to temporarily incapacitate him and even tried to rehabilitate him against her will, admitting him to specialized centers.

But in Spain it is not easy for legal reasons. The people who have had access to Camilín’s residence assure that it is like a house of horrors, full of garbage and filth, scia and in disorder, chaos. Both the garden and the surroundings of the house attest that the singer’s son is not well at all, beyond what we see on the networks, images that he himself spreads. From Camilín’s environment there is open talk of “fear for his life”, and they assure that they fear any outcome because “it is absolutely out of control”.