Camavinga Danger

Camavinga's future could turn 180 degrees. Although everything is focused on the talented French midfielder to land in Madrid, a front has been opened that few expected. Since last Monday, the transfer window has been opened in Ligue 1 exclusively for French teams and players, and that is where the main problem lies. Unable to enter for the rest of the European teams, PSG could give a hand punch and take over the services of the promising French player, according to the radio station RMC. Leonardo, the technical director of the Parisian team, has been following the evolutions of the young midfielder for a long time. The idea he manages is to strengthen the Parisian team with young people (hence the non-continuity of Thiago Silva) and yet he has lost Adil Aouchiche, one of the promising youth stars of French football.

There It collides head-on with the position of Rennes that, first, does not want to negotiate for its young pearl, and secondly, less to reinforce a team that is already a powerful rival. Meanwhile, Madrid does not despair. His philosophy of betting on young people continues and the name of Camavinga is underlined in red. Zidane considers him one of the best players for next season. He has a devotion for the Madrid coach …

White interest in the young midfielder keeps the French team in suspense, which does not correspond to the owners: the Pinault family, one of the richest and most powerful not only in France, but in almost all of Europe. The patriarch, François, who owns the club since 2008, is Fortune 37 on the Forbes list and has among his companies forms such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Puma and FNAC. Her son, François-Henri, a friend of Zizou's, is married to actress Salma Hayek. Last February they fired the then president, Olivier Létang, for allegedly negotiating behind his back the transfer of Camavinga to Madrid. But both the coach and the management do not want to lose the player in order to compete at a good level in Europe next season.

As Camavinga prepares for the next season. On June 22, you will get on the bus to Dinard, a town near Rennes, (It is about 75 kilometers away) where the preseason will begin. In this town, François Pinault owns a villa listed as a historical monument since 2014. There he will be able to follow the evolution of his staff and, above all, his Golden Boy, which will be preparing until almost the new French campaign begins on August 23 … or cross the Pyrenees towards Real Madrid.