Camacho announces his retirement

Ignacio Camacho announced his retirement this afternoon. After going under the knife five times, months and months of recovery and numerous unsuccessful attempts to put his boots back on, the 30-year-old Spanish midfielder, formerly of Atlético de Madrid and Málaga and international with Spain in all categories and also with the absolute, has said enough and has ended his career as a professional footballer. At La Rosaleda he reached the zenith of his career, he was an important piece in the team that made history in the 2012-13 Champions League and led subsequent projects as captain.

Camacho himself has announced that he is leaving football active at a press conference in Germany: “I leave with a clear conscience for having done everything to go back to doing what I love so much: football”. The origin of his irrecoverable problems in his left ankle was in the German Cup match played in October 2017 against Hannover. Since then, the Aragonese has gone through an ordeal trying to fully recover. But it could not be. His last game was played almost two years ago, on September 29, 2018, against Borussia Mönchengladbach (2-2).

During the farewell act, in which he said goodbye visibly moved and in acceptable German, Camacho has regretted that his children “cannot see their father play soccer anymore. I want them to know in the future that I tried everything “. And he has said goodbye thanking the unconditional support received from his closest relatives and has also had words of gratitude for all the professionals with whom he has shared his career, the clubs that placed their trust in him and also, of course, for the fans. . With his boots hanging up, Camacho will continue linked to Wolfsburg and assures that this new stage begins, now in the offices, “with more enthusiasm than ever”.

This is the full text of the letter that Ignacio Camacho has read to announce his farewell:

“Good morning to all of you who have come today. And forgive me for my pronunciation.

My foot has said enough. After thinking and talking with the doctors and the club, it was time to say goodbye to what has been my profession for so many years.

I write this letter with great sadness, but with great pride. After my injury three years ago in the Pokal Cup against Hannover, I have undergone the operating room 5 times, months of rehabilitation, doctors, relapses … I have fought non-stop to come back. I leave with a clear conscience for having done everything possible. Everything to get back to doing what I love so much: football.

It has not been easy. The pain has been present every day for these three years and finally does not let me continue. I am also very grateful to the people who have helped me along the way (physiotherapists, recuperators, doctors, family …), it has not been easy for them either.

First of all I would like to address the Vfl Wolfsburg:

Thank you for trusting me. I will always be grateful for the support you have given me, both the club and all the fans. It is very difficult to be in another country and feel at home. Thank you Jörg and Marcel for giving me the opportunity to continue linked to football after this tough decision. What I feel, from my heart, is not having been able to return this confidence on the field.

Thanks to my wife and children for all the patience they have had with me. To my wife for being that unconditional support, for giving priority to my recovery before almost to family stability, for being my travel companion these 13 years.

I am very sorry that my children cannot see their father play soccer anymore. I want you to know in the future that I tried everything.

Thanks to my family. To my brothers Juanjo and Borja for these to all. To my parents for making me the person I am today. I hope my children are as proud of me as I am of them.

I cannot leave without thanking all the people and institutions that have accompanied me throughout my career: Real Zaragoza; Atlético de Madrid, where I made the leap to professional; Málaga CF, who has seen me grow as a person and professional; to the Spanish Soccer Team, where I have enjoyed all the lower categories until wearing the shirt of the absolute; and Vfl Wolfsburg, where I finished my career.

– Thanks to all the workers, coaches and coaches I have encountered along the way, who make us better footballers and people. They are a fundamental part of this sport.

– Thanks to all the colleagues I have had. I am very proud of all the dressing rooms that I have been a part of.

– Thanks to all the fans who have shown me their love and support over the years.

– Thanks to the journalists for always treating me with such respect and affection.

– Thank you Gustavo for being by my side since he was 15 years old.

Soccer takes some things away from you, but gives you other incredible things. I can never stop thanking him for the friendships he has given me forever and the discipline that I have followed throughout my life.

Despite having to leave football sooner than I could have imagined, I am privileged to have been able to enjoy it for so many years.

And with this I say goodbye to my life as a professional footballer, but the next one begins, and I am more excited than ever.

Thanks, football. “

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