Cam Newton’s goal for most rush touchdowns in an entire campaign by a quarterback was broken by Jalen Hurts.

Cam Newton’s goal for most rush touchdowns in an entire campaign by a quarterback was broken by Jalen Hurts.

When the Philadelphia Eagles played the New York Giants on Christmas, Jalen Hurts ran for his 15th touchdown in the season in the first quarter. He wrote his name in the record books.

He scored the rushing touchdown with a “tush push” in the Eagles’ second offensive play. This broke Cam Newton’s NFL record for most running touchdowns by a quarterback to a single season.

Hurts scored his 41st running touchdown, moving ahead of Jack Kemp to become the fifth-highest scorer of all time.

In the last two years, Hurts has scored 28 scores on the ground, which is more than any other quarterback in NFL history.

Hurts is additionally the only quarterback to NFL history to have had three straight seasons with 10 or more rushing scores.

The quarterback for the Eagles has scored 34 touchdowns so far this season, just one short of the record he set last year with 35.

The Eagles star quarterback is just as dangerous when he runs the ball as when he throws it. In Week 16, against the Giants, he set a record for most points scored in a game.

An impressive “Tush Push” by Hurts gave the Eagles the first touchdown of the game. It was his 15th rushing score of the season.

That number is important because it means Hurts broke Cam Newton’s record for most running touchdowns by a quarterback in a single NFL season.

That mark was set by Newton as a rookie in 2011. He ran for 14 touchdowns and was named Offensive Rookie of the Month Year.

One of the best players in the NFL is Jalen Hurts, who can play both quarterback and running back.

The former star quarterback for the Carolina Panthers would go on to score 75 running touchdowns, which is a lot more than Steve Young’s 43 rushing touchdowns, which was the previous record.

Hurts lost by one score to Newton at the end of last season; Newton had 13 rushing touchdowns. As a starter, he has now scored 10 or more rushing scores in three straight years.

Newton now has 41 touchdowns, putting him ahead of Hurts for the career record. However, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is also a threat to feed both the single-season or career records.

Allen now has 51 running touchdowns, second only to Newton in all time. The Bills quarterback is 13 rushing scores this year alone, which gives him a small chance to set the record for most touchdowns scored in a single season.

As of now, Hurts has scored 41 running touchdowns, putting him fourth all-time, behind Newton (75), Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (51), and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young (43).

There was a score at the end of the drive by running back D’Andre Swift. Hurts has scored 34 touchdowns so far this season, putting him just one away from the club record of 35 touchdowns he set in 2022.

Hurts caught the bad snap and then threw a first down pass to tight end Grant Calcaterra. It was Calaterra’s highest catch of the season, and it went for nine yards.

On Monday, Hurts scored on a 1-yard dash early in the first quarter, giving the Philadelphia Eagles a 7-0 lead into the New York Giants. In 2011, Cam Newton of Carolina set a record by scoring 14 touchdowns on the ground as a quarterback.

Hurts was also only two touchdowns away from breaking the Eagles’ season record for most touchdowns scored. In 1990, QB Randall Cunningham had 35, and last season, Hurts had the same number.

Take a look at Hurts with the second half and overtime: passing for 167 yards, three scores, no interceptions, 43 yards on the ground, and a touchdown run that won the game in overtime.

Hurts broke Cam Newton’s record for most games by a quarterback that included several rushing touchdowns by this one. It was his 11th game with multiple scores.

Hurts now has 11 rushing scores for the season, which is the third straight year in a row that he has had 10 or more.

In NFL history, no quarterback has scored 10 or more touchdowns on the ground in even two straight seasons.