Calleja: “You have to face it like a World Cup”

Javi Calleja is clear about how his Villarreal must face the challenge of playing the eleven round matches that remain in the League after the stoppage of the coronavirus and also that the objective of entering Europe is feasible.

“It is key to face the competition as a World Cup or a similar competition,” said the coach, who was convinced that “we can be in Europe.”

But there is something in which Calleja does not want to resemble many of the teams when they arrive at that appointment. “We are not going to speculate, the idea is to win from the beginning. We are a team that has an idea and that has a leading role. We are going to be ourselves ”, he advanced.

To achieve this, he said, he needs all his players, although not all of them will be starters. “We are going to play many games and a very intense league final, so we are going to need everyone. The player must be aware that the time he is on the field must give everything, “he said.

“We cannot change nine or ten players per game, but we must rotate a lot. I see the players working at a great level, so it makes me feel confident that we can make those changes. From one game to another there can be four or five changes for sure, “he said.