Calleja: “It was a suffered victory”

The Villarreal coach, Javi Calleja, he commented in the telematic press conference after the victory of his team by the minimum against the Majorca It was a suffered victory but he pointed out that it must be valued, since it is the second consecutive victory after the resumption of the championship.

“I am happy for the two victories, it is not easy, since it is often underestimated. We go game by game and we only think about the Granada game. We have options to achieve the European classification, there are many of us in this dispute, “he said.

On the development of the match, he admitted that “it is true that in the second half we defended in our area, we were not fine with the ball, they make us dangerous. We must give a lot of merit to Mallorca, which has made it very difficult for us. assess the victory, since it has been very difficult, “he said.

“We have lacked to wear them more, to have the ball more, but it is true that they have squeezed us a lot. We played close to the goal and that left us few options to go out in danger. We should have more the ball, to wear them more and get tired less, “he added.

Asked if the team sets a higher goal than the classification for the next edition of the Europa League, the Madrid coach pointed out that “my obligation is to think about Granada, we think big, but we cannot decentralize ourselves, we are going match by match and we'll see”.