Cádiz is the team with the most second scorers

Álvaro Giménez premiered his scoring box against Rayo. The Cádiz striker is the 17th player who has seen the door this season in the Cadiz team. Despite the fact that the yellow team is not the second highest scoring team, (third in this facet) yes He is the one who distributes his goals the most, above Zaragoza, Almería and Rayo, which total 16 different gunners; and Elche, Extremadura and Tenerife, 15. Álvaro's goal was vital for the leader's promotion aspirations, since it served to save a point in the last minutes of the match against Rayo.

Álex, in the most scoring season of his career, holds the honor of being the team's top scorer, with eleven goals. The podium of the top yellow scorers, complete it Lozano, with six and Perea, with five. Nano, one of the most used footballers from the bench and who started against Rayo, has three. With two goals two defenses appear, Iza, who scored two goals in the victory against Lugo on the first round and Marcos Mauro. For his part, Querol scored two goals before leaving on loan to Albacete.

Shield / Flag Cádiz

Up to nine different players complete the list, having seen the door once. The defenders Cala, Fali, Espino, Rhyner; midfielders Garrido, Alejo and Javi Navarro (on loan at Ponferradina); and strikers Caye Quintana (on loan at Fuenlabrada) and Álvaro Giménez. In total 16, to which must be added two more goals from Alcalá, Girona, in the first round match; and from Maras, from Almería, at the meeting last March at Carranza.

With his goal, Álvaro Giménez breaks a streak of just over six months without seeing a door. His last goal was scored in December 2019, when he played for Birmingham (team that transferred it to Cádiz). “I am happy for the goal, since I had not yet scored any. The most important thing was to help,” said the player at the end of the game.