Cádiz, in Matagigantes mode

Cádiz continues to look to permanence after their great draw against Sevilla, at the Sánchez-Pizjuán. A celebrated point and much due to its difficulty, as well as being a field in which the yellows have never won in its entire history. What is clear is that Cádiz’s results against the teams at the top of the table are no longer a fluke. So much so that Sergio’s (before with Cervera) have scored this course in the three stages of the top three classifiedwith victory at the Camp Nou (0-1) and draws at the Bernabéu (0-0) and the aforementioned against Sevilla (1-1).

Cadiz Shield/Flag

To these results we must add as many games against the greats. This course has been scored against Athletic (0-1) and Valencia (0-0); plus another draw against the ches in the Mirandilla for the same result. In total, ten points against the historical figures of the League, who keep the yellows in the fight for permanence and out of relegation positions with four games to go. And there could still be more. The visit of Real Madrid is awaited with great anticipation at the Tacita de Plata, on the penultimate league matchday.

As we said before, this is no longer a coincidence. Last season, in the course of returning to the First Division, he already had good results against the greatscon away wins against Athletic (0-1) and Real Madrid (0-1); together with the draw against Barcelona (1-1) and victories in Carranza (now Mirandilla), against Barcelona (2-1) and Valencia (2-1). Some markers that show that the yellows were and still are the Giantslayers.