Cádiz approved and suspended: outstanding for the defensive block

Ledesma. He had very little work. The defensive solidity meant that hardly any balls arrived. Of course, when it was needed, it came out with seriousness and solvency. All insurance under sticks.

Akapo. She made up for the loss of Iza Carcelén and she did it very well. It was somewhat imprecise in some actions at the beginning, but it improved and surprised everyone. His role was not easy.

Fali. Very solid in the center of the rear. The demands were maximum and he knew how to measure up. Great game.

Creek. The Sevillian's impeccable work both in defense and attack, who did not hesitate to go up to lend a hand up. In the 13th minute he had the first goal close, but Courtois got the ball out.

‘Pacha’ Espino. All claw and soul in the field. Great defensive work from the Uruguayan who was solid on the side.

Jose Mari. Very serious party that of the Roteño. In the 36th minute he joined the centrals to clear a ball with great danger.

Jonsson. On your line. Cutting, removing danger and always betting on the safe pass, something with great value against Real Madrid.

Salvi. Very good the end. He was active in the band, putting centers and generating chances for the yellows.

Alex. He dueled with his own brother in the band, Nacho. Great match for the Madrilenian who, as always, played an ‘all-field player’. His corner kicks put the Whites in trouble.

Negredo. He gave the assistance of both Choco Lozano and was very active in front of goal. He was able to overtake Cádiz in minute 1, taking advantage of a failure by the defense and the goalkeeper, but Ramos got the ball out before it crossed the goal line.

‘Choco’ Lozano. Author of the 0-1 after a head pass from Negredo. The Honduran did not think about it and beat Courtois. He had great scoring chances until he was traded at halftime by Malbasic. He came out with back pain after hitting Ramos.

From the bench:

Malbasic. He replaced Choco Lozano at halftime. He came out and gave more physicality to a Cádiz that noticed the demands of the rival.

Graceful. The Basque is gradually joining the team after his injury. Today he had a quarter of an hour and came out being the Garrido we all know, without sparing a ball.

Álvaro Giménez. He jumped onto the pitch to play the final minutes and rest an exhausted Negredo. He joined his teammates to defend.

August. He took the field in the 85th minute to contribute his experience when Cádiz suffered the most.

Jairo. It took a lot of freshness to face the last moments and Jairo came out, one of the latest additions to this market, who debuted in First