Cabrera: “I do see Vicente Moreno with us next year”

Espanyol can, and should, leave salvation sentenced this day. There are 12 points left at stake and the income they have with respect to relegation is eight. On Sunday he receives Osasuna and, after three straight defeats, Vicente Moreno’s team will seek a victory in Cornellà-El Prat that will allow them to take oxygen, tranquility and some peace. The last few weeks have been really turbulent and the criticism has been accumulating because, in addition, the team’s game has declined. Leandro Cabrera offered a telematic press conference this Wednesday and explained that “we are working to achieve victory. We are convinced that we can certify salvation this weekend. We have the peace of mind that if we give our best, it will be achieved. These are streaks that pass and you have to give it normality, not relaxation. This is only turned around based on work“.

The defender, who has played 33 of the 34 league games this season (he was only absent against Betis on January 21, due to suspension), was annoyed by the latest results, but repeated the word “tranquility” on many occasions “. His objective, it is clear, is none other than to finish the League, with four duels remaining, in the best possible way. This is non-negotiable to re-engage a dissatisfied hobby. And Cabrera knows it: “It’s not what we want, we’ll keep competing until the end. Who wants to join us, they will be welcome and those who don’t, they will know. We have four games left and we want to show our level, that the fans get hooked on us. You have to show effort, commitment. It is we who must seek a union with the fans. I’m sorry for anyone who feels disappointed. There are four games left to face. In addition, everything we leave now at the end of the season will be found for the next one. We have to make a good finish, excite the fans and let them see that we respect the shirt and the shield“.

Spanish Shield / Flag

The latest results may leave the figure of Vicente Moreno in doubt, but Cabrera stepped in and defended him. He did not hide: “He has a contract and I see him looking forward to it. He has not lowered the demand one iota. He is the coach who brought us to the First Division, he has made us sign a great season in our stadium… and although we know that we have many things to improve, I see room for improvement and I do see Vicente with us next year“Precisely, the perico coach starred in an argument with Raúl de Tomás on the Bernabéu bench and the Uruguayan center-back tried to give him normality. “They are discussions, things that happen and happen with people who have character, want to win and gets frustrated at times. Perhaps it was not the best way, but you have to give it the least importance. The subject has been discussed and normality, it is something that can happen. Sometimes the cameras see you and sometimes they don’t. We have to move forward.”

Photo of Cabrera

Other topics that Cabrera discussed in his press conference:

Better numbers in the first round compared to the second: “It was something progressive in that due to a matter of calendar I think we entered into a slightly bad dynamic. From January it was everything and it was difficult for us to turn it around. But we never stopped doing the same work that we had been doing in the first If we knew what was happening and if we could press a button and fix it, we would do it. They are dynamic, one tries to make the good last as long as possible. In general, we have to reflect and rethink many things. After losing, one rethinks many things and we are in that process that we will try to solve by beating Osasuna”.

Little calm at the institutional level: “The stability of all areas has to help, but I don’t see the dressing room nervous about the things that happen around us. It is true that Durán was part of the project that brought us up to the First Division, but sometimes changes occur. I take it with normality. The situation is a little different for the president, but it is difficult for him to be physically there. By other means he sends us his support. As a player we don’t need more to train and perform at our best, if it is not achieved, it is not because of what is happening around us. “.

Is the season long for the team? “Not at all. I speak for myself and I love playing. Every game that happens and I have the opportunity to play it is a tremendous joy. We are all professionals, lovers of this sport and out of respect for the institution that supports us and out of gratitude We have to go to the end with all the desire and consequences”.