C. Tangana answers the most anticipated question about him and Rosalía: “Anything can happen in life”

The fifth season of About Évole arrived this Sunday at laSexta with an interview with C. Tangana (33), in which the singer talked about his decision to no longer smoke joints, his impact on the music industry and also Rosalía (31), with whom he had a romantic relationship between 2016 and 2018, when both were beginning to make a name for themselves in the profession. Personally, he has had a relationship with the Chilean photographer for four years. Rocio Aguirre. She, for her part, has been dating the actor for a few months. Jeremy Allen White after his breakup with Raw Alejandro in summer of last year.

Jordi Évole He talked about one of the Madrid musician's best-known songs, you stopped loving me, one of the songs with which the trapper reinvented himself in 2021, approaching flamenco rhythms and compositions. He asked a question: “Who is the couple of kids that appears on that bench at the beginning of the music video?” you stopped loving me?“. The singer responded: “They are nobody in real life”.

“Haven't any parallels been sought or anything? Is this the first time they've told you?”Évole answered. “There was a time when it was like that all the time (…) I have never been with Rosalía on a park bench in Madrid, well, I have been on some, but I have not been in that attitude that they are, sharing music on a cell phone“.

Évole, for his part, also highlighted the “cosmic coincidence” that both of them coincided at an “almost embryonic moment in their careers” and that they later became “two such powerful people in our music and in our culture”: “It's nice. I think we are not at the same level. The impact that Rosalía has had is much greater than I have had, especially internationally,” responded the composer of Bad woman.

Regarding the possibility of both working together on a new collaboration, he left the door open: “Rafa Arcaute, who is a producer, told me the other day,” he said. “And can it happen?” Évole asked him. “Anything can happen in life, yes”, he claimed. We must remember that together they raised the topics before I die in 2016 and Call me later in 2018. Tangana also co-wrote 8 of the 11 songs on the Catalan singer's most revolutionary album, The evil will.

The world of drugs

C. Tangana also launched a reflection on substance consumption: “I don't smoke joints because at the time they blew my head off.”they began to make me feel bad, I felt like paranoia and I felt that the joints opened a window that never closed again.” And he explained: “They opened something that has to do with fear and a way of being in the world a little paranoid that has never closed again.

In this sense, he said bluntly: “And I stopped smoking joints.”. Regarding her contact with drugs, he clarified: “I am in a good moment in my relationship with them, I have never had any real drug addiction problems.I have never had a problem with addiction to gambling or anything (…) The feeling that the character can dominate me, that the party can dominate me, is what worries me.“.

On the other hand, his statements about the company he worked for before making a living with music have also generated a great impact on social networks, to the point that Yolanda Diazsecond vice president and minister of Labor and Social Economy, has given him as an example on her social networks: “When #LoDePucho happens to you, remember that you have at your disposal the Complaints Box to the Labor Inspection”the leader of Sumar in X has written.

Pucho, as he is also known artistically, explained: “Pans and Company owes me at least 600 euros of hours (…) At that time my monthly payroll was 350 bucks. All they could rob you of if you didn't sign up well or if they changed your cards… Which was what happened to me”.