Busquets: “We have neither been fine nor has it been our best game”

Sergio Busquets assumed that the team had not had a good feeling and that he had ended up very frustrated, especially after a very disappointing second half.

What conclusions do you draw from the game?

We take a loss. We had a good first half, but from their goal, everything has become complicated for us because Getafe is a team that knows how to defend itself very well and hold the score. We knew the game was going to be tough. With the 1-0 they have felt comfortable. Today was not our day. A shame because we wanted to add the three points.

What has gone wrong?

We have tried. When they have taken the lead, they have closed very well. We have not been fine. It was not our best game. They have played their game.

What did you think of the arbitration performance?

There is no talk of referees. The game is over and that's it.

And what about De Jong's penalty play?

I haven't seen the reruns. If it has whistled, it is a penalty. We are not going to give it more laps.

Don't you think the bands have been used little?

We had Ousmane and Leo for the bands. The first part we have achieved, the second has been more difficult. You have to keep improving.

How is the Classic presented?

We still have a Champions League game. To begin with, you have to correct mistakes and be better.