Busquets, Pedri and Piqué, the most ‘neat’ of the squad

In his last press conferences, Xavi Hernández has fed up to satiety in insisting on a term very specific to assess the shortcomings of the team in terms of the ability to control the game and become the owner of the game: the neatness Under this term, the coach emphasizes the ability of a player not to lose the ball, to control the time of the game and to choose the best decision to give continuity to the game. Three essential virtues to fit into the system that Xavi wants to impose and that gives meaning to the way of playing that he wants to capture on the pitch.

well, yesAs AS has been able to learn, the coaches have a ‘top 3’ of players on the squad who possess the best virtues of neatness. The first, and most prominent, is Sergio Busquets. Badia’s is the paradigm of a neat player, according to the coaching staff. Nor he is only capable of ordering the team through the ball, but he manages to make his teammates better thanks to his way of understanding the game. Sergio is Xavi’s extension on the field and an indisputable piece in his project. In fact, among the technicians there is the conviction that Busquets still has the rope for a while and that his alternative can come from home, without the need to go through the box, since there are other priorities to reinforce in the market.

The second neatest player on the squad is Pedri. The canary is considered an irreplaceable part of the project, with an innate intelligence with the ball at his feet and an enormous talent to give continuity to the game, through the imbalance or the pass between the lines. He is also improving by leaps and bounds his goalscoring vocation, which has made him the most complete player in the squad, even by Busquets.

And the third is Gerard Piqué. An exemplary center back for Xavi’s system, capable of taking the ball neatly, as well as anticipating defensive actions and being very forceful in marking, with a great ability to read the games and with an innate leadership that infects the rest of his teammates.

Evidently, Xavi misses “the neatness” of these three players on the field, especially in the cases of Pedri and Piqué, who have been absent for several weeks, coinciding with the drop in play and results that the team has suffered. Hence, in the last two games he has insisted that he needs more polished players to be able to carry out his project. Those who come this summer will have this challenge as their main objective. At least they will have three clear mirrors to look at…