“Busquets confused world football”

Juan roman riquelmeformer midfielder of the FC Barcelona and current Vice President of Boca Juniorswas full of praise for Sergio Busquets. The former Argentine international sees in the captain of the Barça like a football revolutionary. “The only number 5 that I have met in my life who is a number 10 and does everything well is Busquets. Busquets confused world football,” he began by saying Riquelme in an interview with ESPN.

the admiration of Riquelme toward Sergio Busquets is total, since it considers that the badía has become the figure of 10 in soccer playing as 5. “Since the appearance of Busquets we start that the 5 has to have a good pass, we start that if the teams play badly it is because the 5 passes the ball badly. We already forgot that before it was number 10 that made you play well, now it seems that if the team plays badly it’s because of number 5, ‘no, number 5 has a bad time, number 5 doesn’t catch it…’, now we forget that the 5 has to score, he has to get between the centrals, that if the side comes out he has to cover it…”, he details Riquelme to the journalist.

Finally, to the question “Can’t you do it all?”, the former Barça midfielder answers: “No, Busquets there is only one”, making it clear that although the Barça captain plays 10 being a 5, not all the pivots in the world are trained to do that function.

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