Burgos confirms his departure from Atlético: “And I want to go with the Champions”

Germán Burgos has confirmed what was an open secret: at the end of this season he leaves the Atlético de Madrid to start your career as head coach. The Argentine wanted to put an end to the rumors, and he did so with an interview on the official channels of the Atletico club.

“At the end of this season I will start my steps as head coach. With more than ten years of experience in the First Division, I think I am capable of directing the destinies of a team. It will have the touches of those coaches that have shaped me as a footballer and as a person, and that I carry in my soul: Luis Aragonés, Carlos Griguol, Marcelo Bielsa, the Galician Bull… people who have influenced me. Lugo will have my mark ”, he said in his first words.

Burgos explained how he communicated his decision: “We held a meeting with everyone, and I expressed my concern to them. They see it as normal, it is a normal step for a second coach who wants to be first, “he said, and then talk about Simeone: “He is a friend, we have known each other for a long time, we understand each other with signs, with looks, with head butts… I have had lunch more with Cholo than with my family. The Argentine team, the years at Atlético … it's a long time. It is wonderful”.

“I take the affection and respect of the people, of the leaders, of the players, of the props, of the gardeners, of the cleaner, of Carlos Pena. People recognize honesty. They put their hearts at the service of the club, ”said Burgos on the club's website, where he made it clear that one of the things he takes away is“ training world champions like Fernando Torres, Villa, Lucas, Griezmann and Lemar. There were seven world champions in their entire history, with Fillol and Vava. It is a pride that I take with me ”.

When it comes to choosing your best moments at this stage in Atlético, it is clear to you. He has the best: “The festivities of the people in Neptune, those red and white rivers that flowed down, and then two facts, the hug with Cholo when we won the League, and the last one we had at Anfield. And we owe the third when we are champions of the Champions. Because there are objectives to meet: qualify for the Champions League and everyone's dream of winning the Champions League. I am a pursuer of dreams. And the time I have to do it will not suffice. Until the last minute I am here I want to follow the objectives. I want to retire from Atleti being champion ”.

To finish, and about the players, he indicated that “they have realized that he was going to take the step and they will understand him well. It will happen to them, they will have to chase a dream. I have this desire to be champion of Champions and I am going to go find it. This is a see you later, it is not a goodbye. Football will say if we meet again, and that they do not give up, that they continue to fight, to pursue their dreams. Society is not living a pleasant time, you can not give you a hug, but keep fighting. “

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